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Quake 2 index Maric's Maps

Total Quake 2 maps at Deacon's Tomb File Warehouse = 5900 +

Texture, sound, and env files not included in MAP.BSP.ZIP files. Download Textures, Sounds, and Env Files from these links and unzip/place in quake2/baseq2 with directory expansion enabled. Or, if present, download the MAP.ZIP file which will _hopefully_ be a complete zip file for that map. Note that most of these ZIP's are author-created, so there will be inconsistances in the way directory names are include in the ZIP files. You may also see that some of the files put the maps into PAK files. Download the PAKRAT program from our FTP q2 tools section to work with these, or use your favorite PAK tool. Notify Deacon for problems with any of these files.
Note: maps authored by
BtW, Deacon, Deadman, Defiler, Intrepid, LeRay, Phlem, and S.O.B.(WOS Clan Cartographer) are WOS creations.

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